Unisex Tee


Unisex Tee (100% Cotton)

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Unisex Tee (100% Cotton)

Hand wash in cold water only. Do not bleach. Wash it Separately for the first wash. Do not tumble dry (hang to dry)”
Please note as each piece is hand dyed and is unique, there can be slight shade variations in the piece.


Large, Medium, Small, XL

Types of colors

A mermaid's tale (turquoise and white), Amethyst (Purple,Blue,Black), Aqua Bomb (Blue double dye), Barbie (Pink Double Dye), Biscuit (Tan on Tan Double Dye), Black Galaxy ( More Black with white), Blue Biscuit (Swirl Of Blue And Tan), Blue Bolt (Blue On Blue), Blue’s Clue’s, Blueberry Milkshake ( lilac and white), Bubblegum shooter (Pink and white), Butterscotch (Tan and blue swirl), Candy floss (Multi-Pastels with white), Cappuccino (Tan and white), Carnage (Red & Black), Charcoal Rainbow (Swirl of yellow, blue, red and black), Cherry Sorbet (Red On Red Swirl), Classic Rainbow (Swirl of red, blue, yellow and orange), Color bomb ( turquoise, lilac, pink, mint), Cotton Candy (Mix Of Purple, Light Blue And Pink), Cotton candy with black, Cruella ( Greyish Black and white spots), Dye Pop Classic (Multi-Pastels with white), Garfield (Orange Double Dye), Gothic Flamingo (Fuchsia & Black), Gothic Pastel (Pastel with black), Grey Waves (Light Grey And White), Laffy Taffy (Lilac, Pink, mint green swirl), Lemon Grass (Dark mint with white), Lemon Meringue ( yellow and white), Mad Tea (Tea Pink And White), Marshmallow (lilac, yellow and turquoise), Moo Point (Pink and black), Passion Fruit (Hot pink and yellow swirl), Peppermint (Dark Green Double Dye), Pink Ash (Pink And Grey), Pink Lake (ice blue with dark pink swirl), Pink lemonade (Pink with orange), Pistachio (Mint Green And White), Purple breeze (tan with purple double dye), Purple Galaxy (Purple with black), Stripes (Dark grey and white), Sugar Rush ( Pastel Pink and blue with white), Sullivan (Turquoise & Lilac), Tequila sunrise (yellow double dye with pink), Tsunami (Blue, Grey And White), Unicorn dust (lilac on pink, Wow Grape (Purple Double Dye)

Choose a Patch (PKR 200)

A. No Patchwork, Blue Butterfly, Garfield, Peace,Love,Justice, Pug, Purple Butterfly, Ruff Day, Sunflower


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