Who We Are

COVID-19 exposed how tenuous and fragile the business of fashion is. Enormous bundles of unsold clothes were piling up in warehouses across the world. When the lockdown began in March, many people lost interest in buying fashionable clothes. Therefore, trends diverted towards buying comfortable yet chic wear. Demand driven cloth making is rare in the fashion industry. Thus, my vision for Dye Pop was to bring to you something that plays around with different colors, is fun to wear and can also provide premium quality along with affordability. Each piece is unique and hand dyed personally by me.Besides this, I wanted my label to not only reflect my style but also the values I stand for. Which is why proceeds from our profits are donated towards feeding stray animals. The unconditional love I’ve had for animals since my childhood helped me evolve this concept. We are currently working with a number of animal shelters to play our part.As someone who has always dreamt of being able to curate pieces that bring joy, I am very thankful for your support towards my small business.
– Much Love
Vasta Asim Founder Dye Pop


Our goal is to build a strong emotional bond with our customers along with directing consumer behavior towards making ethical purchases.